Yoshi cupcrake2

In the Rise of Sqeegee 7

Yoshi cupcrake is a killer yoshi and top Predator. He first appears in the Rise of Sqeegee series in the Rise of Sqeegee 7. He can breath fire (he can do this underwater too, ironically), and has the strength of a raptor.

Powers Edit

  • Atomic breath: much the same as Godzilla
  • Powerfull jaws: can crush anything
  • lighting fast reactions: he is fast enough to carch Sanic in a surpise attack.
  • poisonous bite: it`s a fast working neurogeetoxin, it`ll kill the enmey in less than a second, when it get`s into a wound. Work the same way as a Gila monster
  • Shark like teeth: all of his teeth are serrated for maxium damge
  • Powerfull tail: can use it as a baeballbat on you.
  • The Roar of glory: A powerfull gift all Yoshi cupcrakes (and some Fakeko`s) share, A soundwave that can destory a foe by ripping the flesh off the skin and bones, it`s so loud. You can hear it from over 300 Billion light year away, You feel it from that far way too and. if the the flesh ain`t ripped apart you`ll likely fly that farawy too in just 1 second.

ulitmae Yoshi cupcrake Edit

his ulitmate Yoshi cupcrake is the super form of Yoshi Cupcrake and he becomes a god then he turns into this form.
Super form

ulitmate Yoshi cupcrake

trivia Edit

  • he has a girlfriend named Yoko Littner
  • unlike you normale yoshi he never shallows his food(VICTIMS) in one gulp, he mostly rips Them apart like a crocdille would do
  • His Greatest foe is The Weeee monster.

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