Xuigee is a character who has appeared frequently in the Rise of Sqeegee series ever since the Rise of Sqeegee 3. Despite his design being made around the beginning of March or end of February 2011, he first appeared in the 6th episode of Super Mario 64 Weegee's Revenge, being first rendered as a character in the Mario 64 series. He then appeared in the Rise of Sqeegee 3, which was his first appearance using his art instead of his hack. In the Rise of Sqeegee 3, he was shown on an island, where a fish was threatening to shoot him, but he summoned the King to crush him. Then he went into the ocean and Xeegee showed up and fought him. Their fight was eventually interrupted by Spongee, but he was defeated and turned back into Spongebob by Xuigee quite quickly. Then Super Sqeegee appeared and released negative energy into the sky. Xuigee teamed up with Xeegee to fight him but it was futile. Then, Weegee appeared and helped them beat Sqeegee and the negative energy disappeared. Xuigee appeared in every Rise of Sqeegee after the third one and helped Weegee fight Sqeegee. He has the power to make shadow clones with his stare, which he used only twice so far; once in Super Mario 64: Weegee's Revenge where he made Shadow Mario, and in the Rise of Sqeegee 7, where he made a shadow clone of Demon Sqeegee, that helped him fight Sqeegee at first, until he was hypnotized into becoming Dark Sqeegee.