White luster

White Luster Sqeegee, in all of his glory.

White Luster Sqeegee is a fan-made form of Sqeegee that is formed when a Blooper shoves himself through Cyborg Sqeegee's butt. In this form, Cyborg Sqeegee loses complete control of himself and instead the Blooper controls his body, which results in him using attacks that are more like real life squids, such as spraying ink on enemies and more tentacle related attacks. This also means that he doesn't necessarily use blasts nor does he pee or fart on enemies. If you are wondering what happened to the real Cyborg Sqeegee, he takes control of the squid on his head, and since he is practically glued to the Blooper, he doesn't have a choice but to suffer the consequences that a casual squid is trying to take over the world. His weakness is a shark, because sharks are real-life squid rivals. If White Luster Sqeegee fuses with Omega Sqeegee, he becomes Impotent Sqeegee.

Trivia Edit

  • He doesn't walk on the sea ground unlike most other Sqeegee forms. Instead, he bloops around like a squid. This is because real life squids as well as a lot of other sea creatures don't walk on the sand underwater, and a real squid takes control of Cyborg Sqeegee, so basically there is nothing he can do.
  • White Luster Sqeegee is formed in the complete opposite way of Black Luster Sqeegee.
  • Despite the fact that the Blooper is the one that gets shoved up Cyborg Sqeegee's butt, it for some reason shows up on his head instead.
  • It doesn't really have the intentions to take over the world and just fights against the GeeTeam because it considers them "Enemies in Nature".
  • Sometimes Cyborg Sqeegee has to tell the squid what to do, and 75% of the time the squid completely ignores him and ends up failing terribly.
  • If this form appeared instead of Black Luster Sqeegee, chances are Omega Sqeegee would refuse to fuse with it but the squid would forcefully fuse.
    • Also, the squid would just say "Bl bl bl" so Omega Sqeegee wouldn't even understand what he is saying.
  • This form was originally a joke Betalleo made, but Fixgee (for some damn reason) came up with a huge idea for this form that might even impress the maker of the Rise of Sqeegee series.