Youtube Poop The Haunted Hotel of Weegee-0

Youtube Poop The Haunted Hotel of Weegee-0

In this episode, Squidward almost became Sqeegee because of Weegee deploying an Explosive PokeBall. This episode is also known as The Haunted Hotel Of Weegee.


It starts when Squidward was walking with Spongebob and then he keeps telling Spongebob to look at what happened to the Krusty Krab and finally Spongebob looks. It has been haunted and then Mr. Krabs comes out and tells Spongebob that he turned the Krusty Krab into the Weegee Towers because the Spaghetti was too expensive while he was in another hotel. After that they were workers and Mr. Krabs nearly killed a nice orange fish named Frank. Patrick then comes in and asks for a Meatball and Squidward said that if he wants a Meatball he has to get a room and die. Patrick then asks for a Meatball and for one room and he asks for the Bagel and then he asks if he can get the Bagel with a Krabby Patty too. Squidward says no and he says what about his Spaghetti and Squidward is asking Spongebob to take Patrick's bags to his room. Mr. Krabs says Squidward can take his bags to his room and Squidward was about to and since there are no angry faces allowed in the hotel, Mr. Krabs came out of the elevator and told Squidward to go to Weegee's room and die because he had an angry face and when he enters Weegee's room, he finds Weegee on the top of a staircase. Weegee puts an Explosive PokeBall at the staircase and explodes. Squidward almost turned into Sqeegee from it, but he escaped and took a peaceful shower at his house.


Spongebob (Debut)

Squidward (Debut)

Mr. Krabs (Debut)

Moar Krabs (Painting only, but a debut anyways)

Frank (Debut)

Patrick (Debut)

Weegee (Debut)

Chronology Edit


  • This technically isn't an episode for two reasons, but some people on the wiki call it an episode because Weegee did try to catch Squidward.
    • This episode wasn't made by Russmarrs2. It's actually a Youtube Poop made by Hurricoaster.
    • Weegee technically tried to kill Squidward instead of turning him into Sqeegee.