The Toon Machine is basically a machine used by many Weegee clones in order to create Toon Weegees of any kind. Suteegee actually uses it the most but he never discloses any extra info about it to anyone except Weegee and the Mahziis, meaning it is a secret invention co-developed by Suteegee and Weegee for specific Weegees. On the back of it says "For experimental use only" So Suteegee attempted to use it while making Toon Weegees that can rid off Sqeegee if Suteegee and him cannot get along. Throughout the United 'Gees Galaxy, it is an extremely popular invention, as said by Moneygee.

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The Toon Machine will hopefully debut on The Rise of Sqeegee 8, creating a major appearance.

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