TheRealMalleo is a Youtube user also known as SuperFizzoly, and TheMarioBrother. He made Malleo and Fortan and used to have a pretty cool account. But that all changed when, a few years later, he got mad at people for using his characters, and it was kind of like, "Original the Character. Do not steal!" Even though they were just traceovers of sprites from weird games. Then he thought he owned Weegee and didn't want anyone using him anymore, specifically Russmarrs2, whom he would keep trolling for making Sqeegee videos and other stuff related to Weegee. He made a weird mock character called Canker who he made videos of killing his own characters and turning them into turd. This was his way of trying to stop anyone from using Weegee or anything related to him. Eventually he quit Youtube (or was banned) and wasn't heard of that much. His character Canker wasn't used for a while until he returned in the Rise of Sqeegee 7, along with Malleo and his Mahzii army of furries and farquaads. Malleo referred to Weegee as "Weenee" instead of Weegee when he was talking about him, and Canker was killed by Super Saiyan Morshu. This scene was a reference to TheRealMalleo trying to stop everyone from using Weegee in 2010-2011 and calling him "Weenee". He also became a furry ew... (this, along with Canker, resulted in Malleo's retarded army of furries) He has a deviantart and tumblr account. Seemingly nobody is Reminding him about weegee (they probably don't even know that he is themariobrother anyway).