Stomedeegee is a powerful Weegee. He drinks bleach all the time and carries a powerful drill. He probably won't be in Rise of Sqeegee 8


Stomedeegee has a magic drill that he uses to invade Clorox warehouses, as well as other storage locations for bleach. If you hear Stomedeegee's laugh, you get turned into a bottle of bleach, which Stomedeegee will drink. Stomedeegee is also completely immune to bleach's effects, which is how he can drink it. Like all Weegees, if Stomedeegee stares at you, you'll turn into a Weegee.


Stomedeegee was originally a Youtuber known as Stomedy. Stomedy did a lot of challenges. One day, Stomedy tried the Grim Reaper challenge. This made the Grim Reaper mad, so the Grim Reaper got Sqeegee to turn Stomedy into a Weegee. However, Stomedeegee hates Sqeegee.

Shortly after becoming a Weegee, Stomedeegee began watching the show Bleach. In doing this, he became immune to bleach. Stomedeegee got his power to turn people into bleach by hearing his laugh not because he's evil, but out of pity so people wouldn't have to listen to his laugh.

Stomedeegee then tried drinking some bleach. When he discovered he was immune to it, it became his favourite drink. It was at this moment Stomedeegee decided to become a robber, and began stealing from bleach warehouses.

During one of his hiests, Stomedeegee found a magic drill, which he uses as both a weapon and a tool for destroying warehouse walls.

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