Squideegee is a rival of Sqeegee. This is because they are both Squidward. Squideegee wants to help Mario and Luigi stop Sqeegee.


Squideegee was created when a clone of a fakegee fused with Squidward. Somehow, Squidward seperated from the new being, but the new being still had Squidward's characteristics and had the same life goals as Squidward. He also likes to play the clarinet, but he plays it better than Squidward.

Rivalry with SqeegeeEdit

When Squidward transformed into Sqeegee, Squideegee wanted to murder him because he was very similar to him. But he never made actual contact with him until most recently when he appeared in his true form.


  • Squideegee appeared in the Rise of Sqeegee 7.
  • Squideegee has three known forms. His regular form, his true form, and his ultimate form, called Ultimo Squideegee. His ultimo form is the most unknown of the three forms, as he has never used it.
  • It is currently unknown how Squideegee and Sqeegee can both be Squidward due to the fact that it would basically meet the concepts that Squideegee IS Sqeegee. A possible theory is either there are 2 Squidwards, or Squidward became separate from one of the two, although most likely Squideegee. Another possible theory is that Squidward is not either of the two.
  • His normal form has currently not been present in the Tros series. His only form that appeared so far is True Squideegee.
  • It is currently unknown if he'll ever appear in Rise of Weegee.