Meegee stare

The Sqeegee Stare in "The Birth Of Sqeegee"

Morbid Breeze - Sqeegee Center Under the Stare 2

Morbid Breeze - Sqeegee Center Under the Stare 2

The music that plays during the stare (extended)

Like how Weegee has a stare that turns people into clones of himself, Sqeegee has a stare that puts its victims into a limbo, and causes them to explode. During the "limbo" of the stare, whoever Sqeegee stared at will repeatedly spin around to the tune of a morbid sounding Gentle Breeze, (and sometimes will stop spinning very briefly to certain beats of the music, similar to the Squidward fad manner) and explode when the music stops playing. While the stare does kill it's victims, Dr. Octagonapus and Suteegee have managed to escape the stare, and a few others have even randomly came back to life after being killed by the stare, which is weird, but being a Youtube Poop, the Rise of Sqeegee doesn't need to make much sense. In the Rise of Sqeegee in a Nutshell, the stare is much shorter, just plays the regular Gentle Breeze music, and two of the Sqeegee heads are upside down.

Other versions of the Sqeegee StareEdit

There is more than one version of the Sqeegee stare, that varies by the form that Sqeegee has. Every form of Sqeegee has it's own version of the stare, with a different background than other versions of the stare and sometimes two figures of Sqeegee (in whatever form he's using the stare with) on the side instead of four heads. The music also changes in pitch most of the time for the different versions of the stare. Not every form of Sqeegee has been seen using Sqeegee Stare though, but they still have the ability to use it. These versions are Sqeegee's ultimate forms, Hyper Sqeegee and Ultimate Sqeegee. Hyper Sqeegee shot his stare at Suteegee, but he deflected it and absorbed it's energy to become Suteegee X.4. However, Hyper Sqeegee used his stare in the Rise of Sqeegee 7, and Final Sqeegee didn't. Demon Sqeegee's stare is different than the others in the aspect that it does not kill the victim, but does something else instead.In the bouns feature xmas cooking with sqeegee, sqeegee uses his xmas exclusive stare called the xmas sqeegee stare in his normal form.