Some weird weegee some random ultimate

His Ultimate Form!

  His first appearance was in a ROS Nutshell video, where he died in like 2 seconds. He is secretly an Uber Weegee though and the most powerful Weegee, aside from Weegee himself, but he never gets a chance to attack, so it appears that he is killed by Sqeegee. However, he is not actually killed by Sqeegee as he is really immune to the Sqeegee stare, and he makes everyone including Sqeegee believe he was killed by the stare. His reason for doing this is because he is the embodiment of every fakegee and request, and so he gives himself a short appearance to symbolize the short lived appearance of each randomly requested Weegee that appears in the Rise of Sqeegee. He has a brother named Some weird Malleo some random guy requested in that may appear in Rise of Sqeegee 8.

He also has an ultimate form which turns out to be his true form. In this form, he embodies every overpowered request and every fakegee requested to defeat Sqeegee. He and his ultimate form are subjected to appear sometime soon in the Rise of Weegee.