Sawneek da Heghag

His frenemy is Shedow and his worse enemy/rival is Dr. Ehgmawn His best friend is Tails Doll. He is a evil version of Sonic, made by Dr. Eggman. But soon enough joined forces with Weegee and Malleo,

It is unknown if there is a Knuckles version of Weegee. He lives in Greehn Heels Zone/United Gee's Universe. There is another version of a Sonic Weegee named Sonik and also a tails Weegee named Tahyls. When he says CLICK ON ME FOR HELL! You will be Burned up in a painful way. He can also make ring lightning out of his finger.

Rise of Sqeegee 7Edit

He has appeared for a brief battle fighting with Demon Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee along side WikiContributeegee, Buildgee (wikicontributeegee's grandson) (cameo), Squideegee, and Felix the cat. He was recommended by the person who made this page, Betalleo. After talking with the creator of Rise of Sqeegee and Fixgee, He got to be in the Rise of Sqeegee 7.

Ultimate SawneekEdit

Ultimate Sawneek is the most powerful form of Sawneek, While in super rage, He turns into this form, Otherwise, when he stops raging, he turns back normal.

Fiahr SawneekEdit

Fiahr Sawneek is a form of Sawneek when he either collects a Fire Flower, or eats a spicy Chilli Dog. He is immune to every sort of fire, lava, magma, etc.

Dharkspineeh SawneekEdit

Dharkspineeh Sawneek is Sawneek when he goes mad, collects the Chaos Emeralds, but isn't COMPLETELY mad.

Sawneek tha WaerhowgEdit

Sawneek tha Waerhowg is Sawneek at night when he ends up howling. The side effects occur being afraid of light and always gathering up at the moon with wolves.

Dark SawneekEdit

Nothing much is known about Dark Sawneek, but according to records it only attacks behind shadows. It also likes to surprise attack.

Hyper SawneekEdit

Hyper Sawneek is when Sawneek collects the chaos emeralds AND the big one on Knuckles' island. He is pretty powerful, but the most powerful is as said above, Uiltimate Sawneek.

Supah SawneekEdit

As you should know, Supah Sawneek is just Sawneek collecting the 8 Chaos Emeralds. Nothing so special, although he gets more strength and gets the ability to fly.


Sawneek.EXE... Is a mentally abused Sawneek. It's sad. Everywhere he goes, blood drags. You don't want to know much more about him.


  • Spin Dash. He rolls into a Bawyl and then dashes his opponents.
  • Sawneek Stare. He stares at his opponents and then turns them into Cheely Dawgs.
  • Jump. He jumps onto his opponents and then makes one faint.
  • Transform. He transforms into one of his forms causing a powerful shockwave that can blast opponents away.


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