Welcome to the Russmarrs2 Rise of Sqeegee WikiEdit

Welcome to Rise of Sqeegee Wiki! Remember do not break the rules or Sqeegee will track you down. If you think you were blocked unfairly on the wiki, visit an administrator on any wiki you know and send one of the administrators a message. APPEALINGS HAVE CHANGED A BIT BECAUSE OUR APPEALING WIKI HAS CLOSED.

About Rise of SqeegeeEdit

The Rise of Sqeegee is a series of videos created by the youtube user russmarrs2. Several other users, such as Shawn Pollard (Arieegee) and bratishdg and Adrita DasGupta (Budgeegee in the Pokemon Battle) have even volunteered for adding characters and things to Rise of Sqeegees, especially Rise Of Sqeegee 6.

New!!! Edit

Felix the cat should be in the rise of Sqeegee 7,I really like Felix the cat.

Latest activityEdit

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