Robot sqeegee
Robot Sqeegee is one of Plankton 's attempts to take over the world with his own version of Sqeegee that he built using materials from his trash can. Plankton told him to "Destroy anthing that gets in your way!", which is ironic, because the second he left the Chum Bucket, he arrived at The King's castle, and just about as Robot Sqeegee was about to kill the King, he turned around and had his infamous dinner blaster with him, and then he shot Robot Sqeegee with dinner, blowing his head up and destroying him. He only existed for 4 seconds before he died. Russmarrs2 claimed that Robot Sqeegee will not appear in the Rise of Sqeegee 7, but he might appear in the next one if Plankton does.

Robo SqeegeeEdit

Robo sqeegee
Robo Sqeegee is an even more failed version of Robot Sqeegee, he was the first version of Robot Sqeegee and was made from the same materials and trash can that Robot Sqeegee would be made out of. He literally appeared for one second and then exploded, making him have the shortest appearance in the entire Rise of Sqeegee series.


  • It's possible that the reason for Robot Sqeegee and Robo Sqeegee failing so bad is because they were made from a trash can.