Sqeegee soundtrack
This is the track listing for the music used in the Rise of Sqeegee 7.


  1. Decisive Battle
  2. Afterburner 2 Theme
  3. Primal Dialga Theme (Remix)
  4. Team Galactic Theme
  5. Battle for Bikini Bottom Final Boss music
  6. (Pinnacle 9 Exlusive Track (Dance Club)
  7. Cackletta battle
  8. Nintega Dario's theme (metal)
  9. Wario's theme (SML2)
  10. Booster's theme
  11. Solid State Scouter
  12. Dark Bowser Theme
  13. Gohan's Anger
  14. Vegeta SSJ Theme
  15. Super Saiyan Goku theme
  16. Super Mario Kart Battle Course
  17. Waluigi Pinball (ssbb)
  18. Mario Galaxy Bowser battle theme remix by Nintega Dario
  19. Gentle Breeze (Sqeegee versions)
  20. Running in the 90's