Rise of Sqeegee 5 is the 5th installment in the Rise of Sqeegee YTP series. It's said by Russmarrs2 to include the most comedy, and while it does lack a bit in the logic department, it's a great installment to the series nonetheless.

Story Edit

The story starts with Plankton laughing about his new evil plan: revive Sqeegee. He uses a rejuvenation tank, and it splits Sqeegee into his 3 forms. This grants Sqeegee the power to combine his forms and separate them as he chooses (though he doesn't do this until the 6th installment). However, Sqeegee has no control over his counterparts (Super and Dark Sqeegee), so when the two meet, they battle! The battle is interrupted by another battle against Spongebob and Patrick, who are much more powerful because of the energy amounts (presumably). This ends with Super Sqeegee killing a bag of potato chips, and Spongebob and Patrick running off. Meanwhile Plankton tries 2 attempts to make a Robot Sqeegee, the first kind called Robo Sqeegee. The first one blows up 1 second later. The other one is destroyed by King Harkinian after he teleported there. During this, Mario enters Bikini Bottom and attempts to fight Sqeegee. Sqeegee is more powerful than before, Mario's best attacks don't even phase him. Luigi appears, and his attacks are ineffective, but he decides to kick Sqeegee in the balls until he explodes. It works, and Sqeegee teleports away. Dark Sqeegee teleports to Suteegee, and the two fight, with Suteegee pwning him. Muneegee appears and pwn's him again. Dark Sqeegee is struck by lightning, and Suteegee K.O's him by going into his alternate form and hitting him in his alternate form. Meanwhile Super Sqeegee gets pwned by Elieegee and Oeegee. Malleo fights Sqeegee. At first he seems to be beating him, but Sqeegee super kicks him up and down into the ground. At the Chum Bucket, Sqeegee kills Plankton, and Leegee attempts to, but fails at fighting him. Meanwhile "Super" Sqeegee gets confronted by Xeegee, Xuigee and Suteegee. Super Sqeegee doesn't seem to want to fight anyone, as he tries to dodge their attacks and eventually gets KO'd as well. Weegee appears and finds Mario. He tries the Weegee Virus. But Mario can't get the Weegee virus, so this goes on for 5 hours. Sqeegee built a rocket in that time, and him, Weegee and Mario go into space. Luigi follows after, and later on Leegee does the same, and Sqeegee summons his 2 forms. They go into their alternates, where they fuse into Final Sqeegee. Even Weegee is having a hard time beating this guy, so Mario and Luigi fuse. The fused character beats Sqeegee, and he reverts to Squidward and lands in a toilet, which starts the sequel.

Offscreen SummaryEdit

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Before reading this, this offscreen summary would've been placed up there if it weren't for that Wikia Contributor who thinks he can edit. Please notice that nobody but me will make the Rise of Sqeegee Summaries. So there will be a time section

Number 1: This offscreen summary happened during the time Sqeegee was revived. Xuigee and Xeegee were practicing their fighting skills. However, Xuigee accidentally punched Xeegee in the face and created a shadow clone. The shadow clone of Xeegee attacked them and they were in a battle. All of a sudden, Dark Sqeegee appeared and interrupted the battle. He was going to use triple stare to stare on all three of them at once, but Xuigee and Xeegee escaped so he only caught Shadow Xeegee. Shadow Xeegee, however escaped the stare, and punched Dark Sqeegee in the face, the battle happened really quickly because directly after you see Dark Sqeegee fighting Super Sqeegee. After that, Dark Sqeegee successfully killed Shadow Xeegee by using his hammock trap. Shadow Xeegee appeared in a hammock, and got twisted and was losing oxygen. Eventually, he died from oxygen loss and all that was left of him was a black muddy puddle.

Number 2: This happened once the rocket appeared back on earth, Muneegee dialed Suteegee if they should finish of the ashes of Super Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee. They tried several ways, but none of them succeeded. The last way was close to succeeding, using a giant Bullet Bill, but it was too late, the ashes already headed to outer space to help Sqeegee achieve his final form, and the Bullet Bill was already triggered to launch where the ashes were on the sand. It exploded there, Suteegee quickly escaped, but Muneegee couldn't, Muneegee broke his leg off because he tripped on a stone while running, and he was in the explosion. This is why Muneegee didn't appear in the Rise of Sqeegee 6, because he was highly injured and still recovering from this incident.

Number 3: This happened when Final Sqeegee was battling in outer-space. Secretly, WikiContributeegee was behind them, and tricked them, it wasn't Russmarrs2 who was responsible for it, it was his detonator. It sent out a mechanic blast out of Russ's hands, and reverted Final Sqeegee to Squidward.


Rise of Sqeegee 5Edit

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Youtube Poop The Rise of sqeegee 5-2

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  • At around 3:18, Suteegee walked down the path from Spongebob's front door into the street, but when Dark Sqeegee shows up, he's in front of the door.