This was the former final episode of the series, but Russ decided to move on to the Rise of Sqeegee 5. Sqeegee wants to get Weegee continuing on from last time.

Youtube Poop- The Rise Of Sqeegee 4- The Final Stand06:54

Youtube Poop- The Rise Of Sqeegee 4- The Final Stand

Summary Edit

The episode starts off with Sqeegee getting beat up by Leegee and Spongebob, then he gets really angry and a dark power awakens in him, turning him into Dark Sqeegee. He then fights through Weegee's allies and destroys places with a new explosion generating technique, until he finally fights Weegee. He remembers how Weegee killed him 2 times, and he wanted revenge. They fought and Dark Sqeegee was victorious but only to later have to deal with a bunch of Weegees at the same time. Their attacks alone and uncombined against Dark Sqeegee did nothing but, when the combined them into an energy ball, they almost had Dark Sqeegee defeated until he put his dark powers in the energy ball, and deflected it, turning him back into normal Sqeegee, and taking the Weegees to a dimension created by the Dark energy. Sqeegee then continued his rampage through Bikini Bottom and had a Pokemon style battle with Moar Krabs, in which Sqeegee was victorious. Then, he went to the dimension created by the attack he deflected to finish off Weegee once and for all. But Weegee's brother Malleo was there, even though Sqeegee thought he killed him. So Sqeegee fought Weegee and Malleo, and it seemed that he had the upper hand, until he saw how Malleo and Weegee survived his ultimate attack. Furious, he decided to go into the air and see if he could kill Weegee like how Weegee killed Sqeegee in the Rise of Sqeegee 3, but Weegee had other plans. He tried to use the Falcon Punch against Sqeegee, but he missed, which Sqeegee laughed at. Unluckily for Sqeegee though, Weegee came back again with his Weegee punch (which is pretty much the same as falcon punch) and killed Sqeegee again, destroying his original body.

Characters Edit

  • Spongebob(only for his look when he got nervous when sqeegee turned into dark sqeegee made a debut)
  • Super Sqeegee (Brief cameo, when he was being defeated as Half Normal and Half Super Form, almost turned into final sqeegee)

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