Youtube Poop The Rise Of Sqeegee 3 Weegee Vs Sqeegee04:59

Youtube Poop The Rise Of Sqeegee 3 Weegee Vs Sqeegee

Rise of Sqeegee 3 is the 5th episode in the Rise of Sqeegee series.


It starts with a fish demolishing Sqeegee's house. Weegee and Malleo walk up to Sqeegee's house and gets his foot stuck onSpongebob's face and then (Offscreen) Spongebob turns into Spungebawb. Spungebawb finds Sqeegee's corpse and used his energy to revive him. Then they created an army of Spungebawbs. Weegee sent Elieegee and Oeegee to kill Spungebawb's army because Sqeegee is enough; they don't need a SpongeBob too. Elieegee and Oeegee killed the entire Spungebawb army but did not kill Spungebawb. Elieegee and Oeegee killed Spungebawb, turning him into half SpongeBob and Half Spungebawb named Spongee. Elieegee and Oeegee then went away and the screen cuts to Xuigee on an island. Another fish tries to kill Xuigee but Xuigee kills the fish when he summons King Harkinian. Then Xuigee jumps into the water and the screen cuts to Sqeegee inside the Krusty Krab. Then the screen cuts to Xuigee falling underwater. The Screen cuts to Xeegee on the moon. He then teleports off the moon. Sqeegee then faces Suteegee and confuses him with Weegee. Sqeegee and Suteegee fight for a few minutes. Then Xeegee teleports to where Xuigee is and they start fighting. Xeegee summons his spaghetti and then Xuigee summons The King again. They then both blast each other and then Spongee ends up interrupting the fight. Mr. Krabs faces Sqeegee and Sqeegee uses the Sqeegee Stare on him. Suteegee then faces Sqeegee again. Sqeegee uses the Sqeegee Stare on him but Muneegee saves Suteegee. They fight until Muneegee kicks Sqeegee near Weegee. He is about to use the Sqeegee Stare on Weegee but Weegee punches him in the penis stopping him. They fight until Sqeegee turns into Super Sqeegee making Weegee scared. Super Sqeegee uses the Super Sqeegee Stare onSandy. Xuigee punches Spongee turning him back into Spongebob. Super Sqeegee then teleported to Xuigee and Xeegee and started a big battle. Weegee teleports and then makes the battle bigger. Super Sqeegee makes it night and almost finishes the two Fakegees and Weegee but Weegee knocks Super Sqeegee into his orb and Super Sqeegee is half Sqeegee half Super Sqeegee. Weegee then finishes Sqeegee with a Falcon Punch. In the credits Suteegee and Muneegee become friends. In the ending Sqeegee revives himself and goes into hiding making him never seen again until Rise of Sqeegee 4.


Rise of Sqeegee 3Edit

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