Youtube Poop The Rise of Sqeegee 2 Sqeegee's Revenge01:55

Youtube Poop The Rise of Sqeegee 2 Sqeegee's Revenge

Rise of Sqeegee 2 is the 4th episode in the Rise of Sqeegee series.


This episode begins with Sqeegee talking about somebody rebuilding his house, which did happen. He goes inside where he faces Spongebob and Patrick and gives them the Sqeegee Stare. Mama Luigi then fought with Sqeegee. Sqeegee then faces Weegee and is blown up by Malleo.


Rise of Sqeegee 2Edit


  • This episode is probably the worst in the series, because Sqeegee's voice acting is bad, and very hard to hear through microphone. In future episodes, Sqeegee uses text to speak along with sounds from various sources.

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