In this episode, Sqeegee takes revenge.


The Video starts from where the original Birth of Sqeegee left off, after Sqeegee laughed evily after blowing up Meegee. Sqeegee then is on a look out to find Weegee. He teleports to Spongebob's Pineapple. He is nearby Spongebob who eventually Shoop Da Whoops him. Both of them enter Spongebob's Pineapple where Sqeegee uses the Sqeegee Stare on Spongebob. Then he exits Spongebob's Pineapple and faces Dr. Octagonapus who Super Shoop Da Whoops him. Sqeegee uses the Sqeegee Stare on him but he Super Shoop Da Whoops him to escape the stare and flees. Then he enters Patrick's Rock and uses the Sqeegee Stare on Patrick. Sqeegee then goes to the Krusty Krab. He faces Moar Krabs there and uses the Sqeegee Stare on him. He then goes to his house and accidentally blows up his own house and Weegee thinks he is such an idiot for destroying his own house and attacks him with his other brother, Malleo. He and Malleo were fighting until suddenly he was about to use the Sqeegee Stare on Weegee but Malleo sacrifices Weegee and ends up in the stare himself. Weegee after that was angry and slapped Sqeegee in the face so hard blasting the Weegee Virus out of his head that he flew out of the ocean and returned in a toilet.




Malleo (Debut)



Dr. Octagonapus (Debut)

Moar Krabs (Appearance Debut, but his technical debut was in Weegee Towers in a painting)


  • When Sqeegee exits his house, his house isn't there when he is going to kill Spongebob, but he did not yet idiotically blow up his own house.
  • Weegee was shown to hit Sqeegee with his right hand and his left hand isn't there.
  • When Patrick is being stared at, the stare ends before the music ends, at the time of the stare when Dr. Octagonapus shoop da whooped the 4 stare faces.

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