Omega Sqeegee is the 3rd strongest form of Sqeegee, and he has appeared in the Rise of Sqeegee 8 . As Omega
Omega sqeegee

Omega Sqeegee

Sqeegee, Sqeegee is completely invincible and immune to any attack, similar to Infinity Sqeegee, except Suteegee was able to defeat Infinity Sqeegee by stabbing him from the inside, which cannot be done to Omega Sqeegee as he is in complete control of what goes on inside and outside of his body. He can also travel through time and warp reality, which is also an ability of Infinity Sqeegee, but Omega Sqeegee can do it to a greater extent. He is created when Infinity Sqeegee absorbs Weegee and Pureegee, and then powers up until he is in complete control of himself so that he is invincible from both the inside-out, unlike Infinity Sqeegee.

Rise of Sqeegee 8Edit

In the Rise of Sqeegee 8, Uber Sqeegee defeats Suxeegee and Sage Xuigee and absorbs them. Instead of becoming Infinity Sqeegee, he becomes Omega Sqeegee. Omega Sqeegee distorted the region to be darker instead of a void, and Weegee came back from the dead to fight him. Omega Sqeegee was easily winning until Weegee absorbed (presumably dead) Malleo's body and became Dark Angel Weegee. Dark Angel Weegee gained the upper hand until Black Luster Sqeegee came and merged with Omega Sqeegee to become Omnipotent Sqeegee.

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