1. Silver sonic
  2. Mecha sonic
  3. Metal sonic/Neo metal sonic/Metal overlord
  4. Metallix
  5. Alpha sqeegee
  6. Delta sqeegee
  7. Suteegee X40
  8. Sonic.exe
  9. Master hand
  10. JackMiner214 (Me)
  11. JackMiner214.exe (Evil copy of me)
  12. Illuminati
  13. The burger king
  14. Thomas the dank engine
  15. CJ The Polar Bear
  16. Harold Slikk (The Angry German Kid's Dad)
  17. Leopold Slikk (The Angry German Kid) (Comeback)
  18. Tesla Hunt(the Hedgehog),(Don't worry, I've got rights)

Note: All of these characters are not confirmed for the next episode of rise of sqeegee/weegee and some might not get added at all.


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