Mermaid Man is an old geezer who used to be a superhero. He still kind of is a superhero, but somewhat of a less capable one, as well as a paranoid one, considering how he shouts "EEEVIIIIIIIILLLLL!!!!" whenever the word evil or
something evil is mentioned. Spongebob looks up to him as an idol, and he really should, considering what an inspiration he is. Mermaid Man's sidekick is a Squidward look-a-like named Barnacle Boy, although Barnacle Boy is a lot more sane than Mermaid Man is. Mermaid Man first appears in the Rise of Sqeegee series in episode 8. He is capable of transforming into a super saiyan god, which was a form previously exclusive to Goku and Weegee.

In his ULTIMATE form

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