Malleo was Weegee's brother. He replaced Meegee in Rise of Sqeegee 1. In Rise of Sqeegee 6 (Offscreen) when Weegee recovered Meegee he challenged Meegee to a fight and whoever wins gets to be Weegee's brother. Meegee wins the fight and then Malleo gets mad and he gets pissed that he starts beating up Weegee and his army. He beat up Xuigee, Xeegee, Suteegee and Muneegee. Weegee then tells Malleo to calm down Malleo then punches Weegee in the nose and runs away and beats up Maxeegee and Weegeelolcat11 (It happened before Sqeegee fighted them). He then enters the Chum Bucket and beats up Leegee & Marioxs (It also happened before Sqeegee fighted them). Then After Sqeegee beats up Arieegee and Omnieegee, he then tries to beat up Arieegee and Omnieegee (His old nephew) by using the Malleo Plane but they counter it exploding Malleo. Malleo somehow managed to survive and became evil. He will return in Rise of Sqeegee 7 but evil.
Evil Malleo

Evil Malleo's design in Rise of Sqeegee 7

 In Rise of Sqeegee 7 he creates his own army called the Mahziis. Evil Malleo is the secondary antagonist of the Rise of Sqeegee series.

Weegee and is restored back to good. His corpse was also seen in the Finale.

Evil Malleo 2.0

Evil Malleo's design in Rise of Sqeegee 8

Evil Malleo 3.0

Possible Evil Malleo design