Mahzii Flag

The Mahzii Flag

Mahzii Flag with Mahzii Troops

Mahzii Flag with the Mahzii Troops Roosty, Ooey, Gooey and Blooey

Mahzii Speaker Box

The Mahzii Speaker Box

The Mahziis is an army led by Evil Malleo. It was created in Rise of Sqeegee 7. It is the worst enemy of Weegee's Army. Evil Malleo told Weegee that he has his army up and he is not going to defeat him. Weegee replies saying "No Malleo. You may have been replaced by Meegee but it doesn't mean you turn evil and start causing havoc making it more impossible for us to defeat Sqeegee." Evil Malleo then electricutes Meegee making Meegee split into Evil Meegee. Evil Malleo and the Mahziis were destroyed in Rise of Sqeegee 9 when Meegee finished them off (Except Evil Meegee who was already dead). Evil Malleo and the Mahziis were mentioned in the Finale.


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