Luigi2600 is one of the main characters in The Rise of Sqeegee 8 and also destroys Sqeegee along with Russmarrs2, Dario and a few others. He is about as powerful as between Muneegee and Malleo. Luigi2600 is based off the Modern Luigi as well.




Trivia Edit

 *Luigi2600 is a real Internet User. He is also friends with Russmarrs2 on the Internet. He is Mostly Active On Deviantart, Google+, and YouTube.

 *Luigi2600 is well known for making sprite rips and making rom hacks and being a fan of old Arcade and Video Games.

 *Luigi2600 first appeared on YouTube on September 30th of 2011 but didn't make a video until August 30th of 2014.  

 *Luigi2600's name is based off of two things. The 2600 in his name is based off of the Atari 2600 which was released on September 11 of 1977 and the Luigi Part of his name was put there because of the character Luigi himself.   

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