Impotent SqeegeeImpotent Sqeegee is a fan-made and the weakest form of Sqeegee aside from SquidWeaker. He is a very retarded excuse for a Sqeegee form because all he can literally do is use fart and pee related attacks that hardly do anything toward Dark Angel Weegee. He is formed when Omega Sqeegee fuses with the infamous White Luster Sqeegee. As you can tell, he is the complete opposite of Omnipotent Sqeegee. In fact, since he is such a terrible form, he is even given the nickname Impotent Sqeenee sometimes. Also, because he is so crappy, he has even been called Omnipootent Sqeegee. In this form, he can get killed by getting punched in the face one time. In this form, he can't control reality and does the worst job at distorting it. Whenever he tries, he lets out a big gas bomb that ends up poisoning himself every time.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why a very powerful Sqeegee form fused with a crappy one makes the ultimate crap.
  • If he absorbs Dark Angel Weegee, he becomes the weakest thing that ever lived.