i am gonna kick your ass biatch -gentle sqeegee Edit
this phrase tells how much gentle is this form

Gentle Sqeegee

Gentle Sqeegee, also known as Gentleman Sqeegee, is the classiest form of Sqeegee.

In this state, Sqeegee sports a formal black suit with a red tie, a monocle, and a fedora with a pink flower on it. He also has a wristwatch and carries around a cane that can shoot energy attacks. Sqeegee can use his monocle to shoot beams from his eye as well. This form of Sqeegee was original made by a Weegeepedia user known as Angryfaicgee (now garbled red text), and was eventually redesigned by Russmarrs2 for his appearance in the Rise of Sqeegee 8.