"Say Goodbye!" ~ Fire Malleo, moments before killing Sqeegee.
Fiar malleo

Fire Malleo is the ultimate form of Malleo. Malleo obtains this form once he absorbs a fire flower, similar to how Mario becomes fire Mario when he gets a fire flower. In this form, Malleo is much less sucky than he was before and is shown to contain immense power, as he easily killed Sqeegee with just one fireball.

In The Rise of Sqeegee 8 Edit

Fire Malleo makes his first and only appearance in the Rise of Sqeegee 8, where he appears at the end of the episode. Sqeegee is gloating about how he has killed Weegee, and all hope seems lost until a fire flower falls out of Malleo's pocket, and revives him as Fire Malleo. Malleo then charges up a fireball and launches it as Sqeegee, who tries to say how weak the attack is, but is unable to as he is cut in half before he can finish his sentence.

Because Malleo killed Sqeegee, SquidWordier was no longer invincible, and was then defeated by Falcon Hauk. Once he was defeated, everyone including Fire Malleo was freed from him. They all reminisced on everything that just happened, and then decided to head home. As they were leaving, Malleo asked his brother, "Hey Weegee, where do we live again?"

Trivia Edit

  • Him and Fire Sqeegee are the only transformations in the series that are involved with firepower.

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