Elementix Sqeegee

Elementix Sqeegee is a form of Sqeegee. This form is created when Fire Sqeegee's power level goes beyond 1 billion. He is as powerful as Universe Sqeegee. In this form, he is a member of the Elementix. If his form changes, however, he forgets what happened during the time he was Elementix Sqeegee. However, if he becomes Elementix Sqeegee again, he will remember again. In this sense, Elementix Sqeegee is almost like a separate being, since his memories are different from Sqeegee's.


He has all of Lord Deegee's powers except for immortality

Meteorites of Doom- He can make it rain meteorites

Pyrokinesis- He can create and manipulate fire

Obliteration Beam- A massive beam made out of chaotic energy that can destroy anything it touches

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