Christmas Cooking with Sqeegee00:52

Christmas Cooking with Sqeegee

Christmas Cooking with Sqeegee is a Christmas special made by Russmarrs2. The video involves Sqeegee being in front of a pile of ingredients and wondering what it is. He then stares at it with a unique version of the Sqeegee stare called the "Christmas Sqeegee Stare". Contrary to other versions of the stare, the music is not morbid sounding and instead sounds more relaxing. When Sqeegee's stare is done, the ingredients have become a fully cooked dinner, although the house Sqeegee was in has been burnt from the inside. It shares some differences with Christmas Cooking With Wario.


  • Although this video was a Christmas special, it was made in the summer.
  • The Christmas Sqeegee Stare is used by Sqeegee in his regular form, which makes him have two stares in one form.

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