A Budgeegee

A Budgeegee is a common pet in the United Gees` Universe. In the Rise of Sqeegee 6, it was featured in the Pokemon Battle at 3 minutes 54 seconds, which said "Fire Sqeegee Used Flaming Budgeegee!" 


The Budgeegee was created in 2013 by a Weegee fan with 2 pet budgerigars they loved. So they decided what will be a budgie and a Fakegee, and they came up with the name Budgeegee. It was on Weegeepedia, with the Budgeegee picture simply just a budgerigar with Weegee`s eyes, edited by russmars2. Then, they asked russmarrs2 to feature it on Rise of Sqeegee 6, and it really was in the video.

In Rise of SqeegeeEdit

For less than a second at 3 minutes 54 seconds, a flaming Budgeegee crashes into Luigi in Rise Of Sqeegee 6.


  • The Budgeegee`s name comes from the words "budgie" and "Weegee". When they are combined together, there are 3 possible names making sense: Budgeegee, Budgee, and Budgaweegee.
  • Budgeegees are also called Budgaweegee or Budgee.
  • If Budgeegees are moving at terminal velocity, they turn into Torchic, as stated by its creator.
  • And possibly if a Budgeegee turned into Torchic if the Torchic is moving at terminal velocity it will turn it into Combusken.
  • And even more possibly is if a Budgeegee is turned into Torchic and the Torchic is turned into Combusken if Combusken moves at terminal velocity it will possibly become Blaziken.
  • If Blaziken moves at terminal velocity it will create a shockwave.
  • If a Budgeegee and Torchic and Combusken fused it would created Budgorchicusken.
  • If a Budgeegee, Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken fused together it would created Hyperiken.
  • If Budgorchicusken fused with Hyperiken it might create Megiken.
  • Budgeegee has 2 more forms. They are Epiciken (Created if they all fuse together) and Budorskenibudgorhypermegiciken (Created if they all fuse together with Epiciken).
  • Here are Budgeegee's forms weakest to strongest: Budgeegee, Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Budgorchicusken, Hyperiken, Megiken, Epiciken and Budgorskenibudgorhypermegiciken.

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