Birth Of Sqeegee

Birth Of Sqeegee

In this short, Sqeegee is born.


The short starts with Squidward taking a shower and then Weegee comes in with his brother, Meegee. Weegee uses his stare on Squidward, but it screws up due to him screaming. After that, he turns into Sqeegee. Weegee runs away while Sqeegee uses the Sqeegee Stare on Meegee.




Sqeegee (Debut)

Meegee (Debut)

Different VersionsEdit

Birth of Sqeegee Remastered-1

Birth of Sqeegee Remastered-1

There are four different versions of the Birth of Sqeegee. The first one was not actually titled "The Birth of Sqeegee", but was called "Weegee and Meegee drop by Skwiddy's House". In it, Sqeegee is born after Squidward gets the Weegee virus, but he does not use his stare.The second version was called "The Birth of Sqeegee", but was a Scratch project instead of a Youtube video. In it, Sqeegee is born and uses his stare for the first time. In this version of the stare however, there were only 2 Sqeegee heads and the screen just flipped back and forth, rather than Meegee rotating. It can be found here. The third version of the Birth of Sqeegee was the Youtube video pictured on the top of this page. It is the most iconic version of the Birth of Sqeegee. What happens in it is similar to the Scratch project, only the Sqeegee Stare was revamped to be what it is now, with the four Sqeegee heads and rotating victim. The most current one is a remastered version simply called "The Birth of Sqeegee Remastered" It is longer than all the other versions of the Birth of Sqeegee, and by far has the best animation out of all of them.


  • Meegee doesn't have his eyebrows in the third version of Birth of Sqeegee. Whether or not this is intentional is unknown.
  • Squidward gets a shirt when he becomes Sqeegee.