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An evil entity claiming to be Weegee, "Weegee" (also referred to as "Weegee Black") is the main antagonist of The Rise of Weegee. He seems to hate fakegees and wants them all dead. He also apparently has "much bigger plans" than his fakegee massacre, which are yet to be revealed.

Weegee is very edgy, and doesn't really act anything like who he claims to be. It is not really known whether or not he really is Weegee, but no one believes him when he says he is for the reasons just mentioned. That and he wears different clothes. Despite that, he has the ability to change into Weegee's more familiar form, which he duels Malleo in.

An interesting thing about "Weegee", is that even though he claims to be Weegee, his death stare turns people into Weenees.

The Rise of Weegee Edit

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Weegee, in "his" more recognizable form.

Weegee appears out of nowhere and attacks Sage Xuigee, trying

to kill him because he is a fakegee. Weegee eventually succeeds in turning Xuigee into a Weenee, but Xuigee escapes before he can kill him. Weegee later shows up behind Waluigi and tries to convince him to join his cause, but Waluigi refuses. Weegee threatens him, but leaves. At the end of the first episode, Weegee summons Malleo to have a battle with him. Malleo doesn't believe that he is the real Weegee, but "Weegee" persists in his claims and tries to kill Malleo. He is defeated by Malleo's giant fireball attack, being left burned by it. Malleo believes even more now that Weegee Black is not actually Weegee, because he notes how his real brother was "never this weak". However, just as Malleo thinks it's all over, he is stabbed by Weegee's

energy sword. Weegee heals from his injuries and tells Malleo that he was holding back. He then splits him in half, killing him.

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Weegee killing Malleo.